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Canyata Golf Club

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Without question, Canyata Golf Club was the most incredible days of golf I’ve ever had. It’s almost impossible to explain the unique experience. Nothing could have prepared me for Canyata. First of all, nobody knows anything about it, and nobody knows where it is. There are no members. There are no people. There is no golf staff. There is no professional. There are no shoes allowed indoors. There’s a locker with 100 lockers and nobody to use them. There’s a fully furnished and operational clubhouse with nobody ever in there. There’s a fully stocked pro-shop with no cash register and no customers. There’s a world class range with nobody to use it, although it had one lonely pyramid of balls waiting to be hit, and who knows how long that pile of balls has been sitting there. There’s a single lane driveway which meanders through a forest that even requires visitors to drive through a river before getting up to the clubhouse. I was in awe of the place before I even got out of my car.

Canyata3Canyata is owned by a very successful man, who basically created a golf course for his family in his back yard and allows a very select number of individuals to play if he authorizes the visit. A professional golfer is drafted in to host the guest for the round. If the owner or his family isn’t there, then the property can go weeks without play. Outside of family play, Canyata gets around 150 rounds per year (yes, I said 150). Besides the daily maintenance crew, nobody had walked on the fairways for 3 weeks prior to my game. I’ve never walked on grass that is so untouched and felt so different under my feet. The owner originally created 3 holes for his kids next to their playground, which expanded to 9 holes and then ultimately to the 18 holes which exist today. Never in my life have I been on a property where I’ve felt so privileged, and yet I kept looking around for anything that resembled a “normal” golf club. After my game, there was nobody scheduled to visit for the rest of the month. The golf course itself was a true test with wonderful design variety. Canyata is almost as mythical and fabled as the Native American Indian statues around the grounds. You have to see it to believe it.

Canyata is ranked #37 in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses in 2013 and #3 in the State of Illinios.

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