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Q&A: A look inside the Golf Junk Drawer

By: | January 29, 2017 / 0 Comments

One thing every golfer can relate to is the pile of miscellaneous scorecards, tees, ball markers and divot repair tools that accumulate after each round we play. To us, these items are precious commodities that can always be put to use in the next round we play. The result being: a pile of golf “junk” on our dressers, kitchen counters and inevitably our washing machines. 

Much to our delight, an instagram account dedicated to these prized possessions was created last fall to showcase all of the world class golf “junk” featuring logos from the best courses around the world. Having accumulated an unhealthy amount of golf junk over the years, we immediately started scouring our golf bags, desk drawers and bookshelves to submit to the account. 

For a look inside how the idea came about and where it’s heading, we sat down with Mike Pelliccione, the founder of @golfjunkdrawer, to talk all things golf junk.

Q: How did the idea come about? 

A: The original idea came about when I decided I wanted to post a photo of a Baltusrol divot repair tool  to my instagram account @micpelli. Since I mainly post photos of golf courses, I decided to make a new account dedicated to the theme. 

Q: How did you come up with the name? 

A: The original name I came up with was “First Tee Freebies” because that’s where all of the things like this start to accumulate. But after a few days of thinking it over, I suddenly got the idea when my wife began asking me where I’m going to put all of the golf junk that was laying around the house.

Q: What have been the most popular posts?

A: Some of the biggest hits, as you may have guessed, have been items from top courses such as Pine Valley and Cypress Point. I’ve been very surprised at how many people have submitted photos, and I’ve seen some very cool submissions from courses all over the globe. The most popular post was Pine Valley Match books. Other popular posts have been things like a bridge scorecard from Los Angeles Country Club and a bucket of tees from Oakmont. The most popular items are the unique ones: match books, bag tags and logo cups and golf pencils. 

Q: With such a strong reaction from the golf community on Instagram, have you thought about what the future holds for the @golfjunkdrawer

A: Yes, 100% surprised, I had no clue so many people would be so interested in the idea. I thought maybe I would get 300-400 followers. I think the fact it’s a shared account has helped since alot of guys who submit their own photos tag their buddies and it’s just a massive trickle effect for each photo we post. 

We wish Mike continued success with @golfjunkdrawer, and we’d like to formally announce that he’s joined the Right On Par team as a contributing writer along with his brother-in-law Tyler (who together share the instagram account @thetravelinggolfer). We are happy to add them to the team and look forward to some great articles about their own golf experiences!

If you haven’t had a chance to follow the @golfjunkdrawer, @thetravelinggolfer and our account @rightonpar, please do. And be sure to look through your own golf junk drawer for quality items to submit! 

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