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Golf: My original passion and now 5th priority

By: | July 20, 2017 / 0 Comments

Now six years out of college, I’ve established my presence in the real world as I continue to pursue my career in Corporate America. Prior to entering the cubicle farm, golf was my job as I competed on a D-I AA golf team. I was lucky to be introduced to the game at a young age and played competitively before I even knew how to tally up my score. It’s safe to say that golf was my life until real life came along at a rapid pace after exiting the auditorium after graduation.

I’ve worked hard in life and have been very fortunate to be surrounded by the best people. I have a great group of friends and family and was fortunate enough to meet my wonderful wife and best friend when I was a senior in college. We’re happily married and just last summer had a beautiful baby girl. She’s brought so much joy to us and our families and we couldn’t be more grateful for all that we have. I’m proud of the life we’ve established and it motivates me to continue to be more successful in every aspect.

Now with that background, I’ll preface this journey by saying that everyone has a passion that they want to pursue but let drift away because “life gets in the way.” I’m a big believer that we can all create an effective life balance that allows us to experience the success we dream of. Of course, sacrifices have to be made along the way. But with a little can-do attitude and some effective planning, nothing is out of reach!

So here goes, here’s my story that I work hard everyday to tell. It’s too short of a life to spend making excuses as to why we can’t do what we love.

Golf: My original passion and now life 5th priority

Golf in the corporate world is viewed as a nice Monday out of the office, networking with coworkers, clients and hoping to win a few freebies at the end of the day. That’s a very different concept than I was ever used to. Naturally, being a good player with a competitive background I’ve been recruited for more than my share of scrambles each summer. Don’t get me wrong, these events are fun and a great alternative to the office. But they can be somewhat detrimental to the competitive side of the game I’m used to. That being said, any golf is better than no golf. It’s these outings that have fueled my motivation to get back to practicing and focusing on playing well competitively again.

So with that, I’ve decided to enter a few mid-am tournaments at the end of the summer. My goal is to consistently play in the group of competitive players at my local club. This forces me to get out there and get back into the rhythm and focus that competition demands, and to put my fears of getting back into it aside. (with a lot less practice and much more determination.) Stay tuned as I report back on my progress and pursuit of my definition of success – a happy/healthy family, a successful career and a low handicap.

Quote of the week:

“When I have a vision, my fear is not failing. I’m more afraid of not taking the new challenge and regretting it.” -Lewis Howes, US Olympic Handball Player and author of The School of Greatness


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