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Entry back into Competitive Golf

By: | August 10, 2017 / 0 Comments

Hopefully you had a chance to read my first post about my commitment to get back into competitive golf.  It’s the only game I knew for a long time and it’s time to get back into it. Playing corporate outings and casual rounds has put a damper on my scoring and on course mentality. So I’m spending the next few weeks preparing for the West Penn Mid-Am in late August and for a qualifier for the State Mid-Am the same week. 

Reflecting on the end of my college career and my entry into the 40+ hour work week, my flexibility to play in tournaments was reduced greatly. On top of that, I was burned out on competing. What I realized is that the grind that goes along with stroke play is fulfilling. Even the bad rounds have a way of providing fulfillment. Gutting it out when you’re not at your best requires a lot of positivity and perseverance. I’m proud to say I would never WD because my rounds were heading off the rails. That’s something that was instilled in me growing up. If you have the privilege to compete – you always finish unless you’re injured. A lot of times, you can still squeak out a respectable score and build on positive momentum for the next round. It’s hard to realize in the moment but it’s true more often than not. 

So if you’re wondering how I’m getting ready for my return to competition my strategy is treating every round as if it’s a tournament. Range time is limited (especially compared to how much time I used to spend practicing) but I’m managing to squeeze in a few after work sessions. Essentially I’m 2 weeks out and my main focus is on the mental side of the game. I appreciate the game much more now than ever. 

The skill is still there (just not quite as sharp as when I played every day). Taking a very optimistic attitude and staying fit are my two main goals. Getting older I realize that nerves really do increase under pressure. I thought that was a myth. But I have a lot of great competitive rounds under my belt that I can channel while I’m out there to get the competitive juices flowing. It’s a game of imperfection and I’m sure thats why all of us enjoy it so much. It only takes one great shot to keep you coming back for more. 

Stay with me as I tune up over the next few days and preview the venue I’m  playing for the WPGA Mid-Am. (spoiler: I’ve got some competitive history there) 

Quote of the week: 

“If you tense up and try to control what you’re doing, you make the situation worse. Trust it will work out.” -Lewis Howes (on his weekly podcast)

(he’s not a golfer but this relates so much with golf)

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